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Semester 7 Short Films

Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology  |   2021   |   Illustration, Animation

In Semester 7 of completing my B F.A. in Animation, we were assigned 3 broad briefs to animate that moved from featuring sound to word to image. The first one had to feature a looping animation technique and sound, the second was based on families and words, and the third was extrapolated to the self. It was a journey from outward to inward, reflecting the “invisible” aspects and domains that our lives go through.



Based on the dialogue of my help and cook, Rani Didi, I examined the relationship between 3 objects, a trash can, a cooking pot and a cup of chai. These objects signified a complex relationship between 3 women and their inexplicably linked invisible strands that defined this relationship.

In it’s complete original form, this student film is raw and unedited (still needs a few finishing touches) and a difficult one to achieve, since it’s brief defined the maximum limitation to only 10 seconds. Read the documentation of the film here.


Nine Letter Word

This short was created based on a dialogue I recorded with my father over the phone. I wanted to examine the relationship between fathers and daughters, and how it evolves over time with distance, addiction and separation. An extremely close concept to my heart, this short was structured by a phone call, where the father and daughter are getting to ready to play a game of Boggle.

During COVID-19, families were separated and in some cases squeezed in together. This adds to the conversation of what families are in light of separated-ness or closeness through a game of Boggle that is being played on a normal phone call. No video calls existed when my father and I started doing this, there was only sound to rely upon. Read the documentation of the film here.



Scattered Spaces

Based on two Haikus I wrote, this student-short examines the invisible self and our identities. The structure of this short is more linear and forms a monologue narrative. Read the documentation of the film here.

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