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with love, from NYC

 2020-21   |   Customized Wedding Print Collaterals

I worked with Murginns, a subsidiary of KCL Foods to further refine and add coherence to their brand identity and visual language. I also developed their e-commerce website on Shopify, including the photography and copy-writing for the site. I curated their content for social media, created micro brand campaigns and marketing collaterals for their exhibitions. The multi-disciplinary nature of my role gave me a wholesome perspective in developing a brand's graphic language and tone from start to finish.

Final Page 01.jpg
Saumya and Megan front cover_edited.jpg
Saumya and Megan page 2.png
Coasters mockup.jpg
Ragi Crispies.jpg
Berry 2.jpg

I created an e-commerce website for Murginns on Shopify, that was customized to meet it's needs. I also developed an email marketing system with design templates that could be used for various flows of the email marketing strategies.

Murgins Website Animation.gif

The experience at Murginns gave me a very early glimpse into the kind of thinking and skillset required for communication design and branding. With the numerous touchpoints of design for their brand, I had a first-hand experience of the design thinking and conceptualizing needed to bring coherence to a single brand participating in a very competitive marketplace. 

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