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I'm a Communication Designer and Illustrator. I enjoy telling stories through visuals and moving images.

After graduating in Digital Media - Fine Arts, from Srishti Institute of Art, Design and Technology, I began working as a communication designer, and more recently, as lead designer at Studio Eksaat - an independent creative studio. While drawing from the various contexts of my life, my design practice is a constant iterative exploration, taking new forms and shapes and being moulded by the new environments I find myself in. I have a keen interest in developing brand identities, conceptualizing and storytelling, and particularly in the intersections of design and education. My process is iterative and rooted in context, conversations and immersion.



SOSE: Design Education

A project with the Delhi Government and Srishti Manipal to teach Design in government schools.

Skill E-Labs Thesis

Cookie ROtating GIF.gif

A cookies business in Delhi NCR

Murginns_Nutty Splash granola 2.gif

A cereals and grains business in Delhi NCR


Art & Design

Creative Capabilities

Branding & Identity Design Systems

Visual Language Development

Communication Design & Packaging

Website Design

Motion Design 

Art & Illustration 


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